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The unbreakable pint

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"If we let go of glass, we have to make sure that the new product is good, its durable, it can clean well, and that it will look nice and still give the consumer the feeling that he is having a real pint of beer, not one served from something flimsy and disposable."

Belinda Sutton, Managing Director of Elgood's Brewery

Outdoor. No more.

In England, broken pint glasses account for more than 87,000 violent incidents each year, which costs an annual estimate of £100m in NHS, police, and court costs. It’s for this reason pubs, breweries, and beer drinkers across England are expecting a ban on breakable glasses for outdoor drinking areas.

In anticipation of a ban on glass, Elgood's Brewery was seeking an alternative to disposable plastic cups, which were for single use only and create a mountain of garbage. Their weight, lack of clarity, and temperature control created a less optimal drinking experience for their customers.

The brewery needed pint glasses that were durable, easy to clean, looked nice, and still gave their consumers the feeling they are having a real pint.


Elgood's brewery

Elgood’s Brewery, a family-owned company in Cambridge, England, has been brewing beer at the same site for more than 200 years. Belinda, knows that the anticipated ban on glass pints will not only affect their beer festival but affect all pubs across England. 

“I do believe we’ll have to remove glass from outdoor spaces, including our beer festival,” explains Sutton. “We believe these new outdoor glasses will be fantastic for the pubs too. The actual drinking experience will be the same because the weight, shape, and feel is identical, but pubs will be able to reuse them and be able to put them into the same glass washer. The actual consumer experience will be unchanged, but the benefits to the general public will be far greater."


The unbreakable pint

Eastman, aware of the potential ban on glass pints, engaged Elgood’s Brewery which was coincidentally actively looking for glassware alternatives. Already familiar with Tritan’s applications through their glass designer, Nick Osborn of FRP, the design team worked with Eastman’s application development teams to shorten their R&D period and keep prototype iterations down to a low number. The final iteration of Elgood’s outdoor pint glass allows for the same drinking experience without the fear of shattering glass. 

Pubs can clean them in their existing glass washers; distributors can ship them like they did glass pints; and beer drinkers enjoy the weight, temperature, and clarity that comes with a glass pint. Elgood's pint glass makes use of Eastman’s Tritan copolyester, which is shatter resistant and retains vibrant color, clarity, and functional integrity through repeated use. It is also BPA-free.


Cheers to the future

Elgood’s Brewery now uses their new unbreakable pints at their brewery during their guided tours and beer tastings.

During their most recent festival, attendees were enthusiastic about the pints and happy to know the risk of broken glass was eliminated, an especially good feeling for a long day of beer drinking.


A better pint of beer

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