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Nalgene Everyday

Eastman Tritan™ copolyester providing durability, odor resistance, and premium aesthetic quality



Nalgene Outdoor Products


Nalgene has been popular with outdoor enthusiasts since the 1970s when the company introduced a 32-ounce wide-mouth bottle for hiking and camping. Originally a manufacturer of scientific labware, the company diversified into outdoor products, offering reusable water bottles made from a variety of materials.


Nalgene knows the smallest difference in plastics can make a big difference to the end product and so it’s Everyday™ range, originally polycarbonate, recently switched to Tritan. “We were looking for a material that could replace polycarbonate and maintain the toughness, odor resistance and premium aesthetic quality of our current bottles while offering a new set of functional benefits,” explained Eric Hansen, senior business manager for Nalgene.


“We maintain toughness and durability with Tritan™ and the material’s unique balance of properties allows us to add value for consumers who are looking for high-performance bottles that are BPA free. Our customers are sensitive to the BPA issue and have been asking for an alternative such as Tritan™,” described Hansen. Nalgene engineers found that Tritan™ was easy to process in molds originally designed for polycarbonate. “We’ve been able to produce the new bottles with only minor tool modifications,” Hansen added.


Nalgene’s Everyday™ bottles offered convenience and versatility with eight styles ranging from the classic 32-ounce wide-mouth, which easily accommodates ice cubes, to the slim one-handed on-the-go bottle, tumblers, and a Grip ‘n Gulp for kids. The bottles were manufactured in a range of colors to suit their customers tastes including, pink, red, blue, green, and orange. Tritan™ got high marks for clarity and aesthetic appeal, as well as impact and odor resistance.

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