Privacy and Daylight with Frosted Window Films

Privacy and Daylight with Frosted Window Films

LLumar® iLLusions™ Decorative Window Films



Designers and architects working at the Forum Palace Sports and Recreational Center in Vilnius, Lithuania


The Forum Palace Sports and Recreational Center was beautifully designed with dramatic, clear glass interior walls. The transparent walls provided an open and modern atmosphere for clients, but offered little privacy. Designers were tasked with enhancing privacy while maintaining the ambience. Each room required its own unique design and creative solution.


Frosted window film, from the LLumar® iLLusions™ series, looks like sandblasted glass, but can be easily cut to any design, simple or intricate, and installed at a fraction of the cost of glass. The local LLumar dealer partnered with designers to create unique and eye-catching designs for each room, and completed the installation in less than two weeks.


“Multilayer designs applied to both sides of the glass walls created a three-dimensional effect that made all the rooms unique and stunning,” explained architect Mr. Velerij Starkovskij. The owners of the Forum Palace agreed the solution surpassed their expectations. “This material can make a statement while still maintaining function,” stated General Manager Mr. Ronaldas Matiliauskas. “It’s an inexpensive way to customize a large area.”