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KOR ONE Hydration Vessel

Glass-like appearance with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester



KOR ONE hydration vessel


The first KOR ONE hydration vessel prototype, a clear bottle with metallic silver trim, was designed in 2007-2008 but never brought to market. Almost a decade later the team at KOR ONE decided to revive and re-launch their original design. “KOR ONE was out of production this past year to do some retooling, subtle design improvements for functionality and move production to our existing partner in China,” explained Eric Barnes, KOR co-founder and CEO. “The move allowed us to improve a few features and consolidate all our vessel operations in one partner.”


The revived and improved KOR ONE bottles continued to use Eastman Tritan™ because it is BPA-free, provides superb clarity, and does not dull after years of trips to the dishwasher. The hydration vessels leverage Tritan’s unique properties – the bottle has a glass-like appearance, reflecting light and water.


KOR plans to expand KOR ONE’s color line from 4 to 8 colors, including chrome. “The trim will go from matte to gloss on all KOR ONE bottles,” described Barnes, “it gives it a little different look.” The colors black and lavender will also become available. In addition to the re-launch of KOR ONE.

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