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Solar Control Window Film

Improved comfort and energy use with EnerLogic® Window Film



The Langham, Boston, a luxury hotel and historic landmark that formerly housed the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Boston


The Langham needed to improve temperature control. The large angled glass windows on the top three floors of the building were causing unseasonably warm temperatures in the rooms, requiring excessive use of the hotel’s air conditioning system.


Due to the historic nature of the property, the management team wanted to maintain the current aesthetics and architectural integrity of the building, especially the windows.  However, as an avid advocate for green hospitality and a member of Boston Green Tourism, The Langham wanted to reduce the hotel’s energy consumption and make rooms more comfortable for its guests.


The multifaceted problem required special attention and after an energy audit, the hotel’s Director of Engineering, Fred Mahoney resolved the issue with the EnerLogic® 35 solar control window film. The film was installed on the east, south, and west sides of the top three floors of the building and immediately enhanced temperature control.


EnerLogic® 35 window film met all of the requirements for The Langham. According to Fred Mahoney, “EnerLogic 35 exceeded our performance expectations and guest feedback has been incredible. The window film looks great and has lowered the hotel’s energy costs. As a result of the installation, The Langham qualified for a 25% Mass Save rebate from NSTAR.” To date, EnerLogic window film is the only window film to qualify for such a rebate. Based on the energy audit, the return on investment is predicted to be 1.6 years.