The Double Dosing Cup Medicine Dispenser

The Double Dosing Cup Medicine Dispenser

Curved Surfaces with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester



Scott Clear, product development director for DD Studio


The “double dosing” cup is medicine dispenser concept that demonstrates how engineering features can interact with the human element.


The Double Dosing cup is a tool that highlights Eastman Tritan™ copolyester’s capabilities for medical device applications. “We’ve put it to every test,” explained Scott Clear, “No one can break it; the material is incredibly strong.”

The Double Dosing Cup demonstrates Tritan’s applications through its curved surfaces in a balanced three-part design, allowing the interaction of light and showing the clarity and color vibrancy, even after gamma sterilization. The end caps demonstrate the material’s ability to fill both thick and thin sections and can easily bond together through ‘suction’ characteristics evident in the tapered male-female parts that are pressure-fitted together. Its molded surfaces vary from highly polished to textured, allowing branding and labeling to indicate fill levels. The hydrolytic stability of the part can be demonstrated through repeated dishwasher cycles and Tritan resists most chemicals.


The Double Dosing Cup story not only showcases the attributes of Tritan™ but it also opens up a world of design possibilities in the rapidly changing health care market. Judging from early results, the Double Dosing Cup is going to be a sample designers want to play with and keep. Clear says,” “The idea is that it stays with you a long time,it arrives in very interesting packaging. You take it out. You wonder what it is. You figure it out. You take it home.

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