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Elgood Brewery's Pints

Unbreakable glass with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester



Elgood’s Brewery


In England, broken pint glasses account for more than 87,000 violent incidents each year, which cost an estimated £100m in NHS, police, and court costs annually. Pubs, breweries, and beer drinkers across England are now expecting a ban on breakable glasses for outdoor drinking areas. In anticipation of the new law, Elgood’s Brewery teamed up with Eastman Innovation Lab to create an unbreakable pint glass!


What happens when you get over 1,000 people together with 150 different types of beer and great weather? The answer: great times, and broken pint glasses. Every year Elgood’s Brewery hosts an outdoor beer festival, and every year many pint glasses are broken. The alternative, single use disposable plastic cups, produced a mountain of garbage and their weight, lack of clarity, and temperature control created a less optimal drinking experience for customers. The brewery needed pint glasses that were durable, easy to clean, and aesthetically akin to the traditional pint glass, giving their consumers the feeling they are having a real pint.


Elgood’s unbreakable pint glass was created using Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, which is BPA-free, shatter resistant, retains vibrant color, clarity and functional integrity through repeated use.


Belinda Sutton, Managing Director of Elgood’s, knew that the glass pint ban will not only affect their beer festival, but include all pubs across England. “I do believe we’ll have to remove glass from outdoor spaces, including our beer festival,” explained Sutton. “We believe these new outdoor glasses will be fantastic for the pubs too. The actual drinking experience will be the same because the weight, shape, and feel is the identical, but pubs will be able to reuse them and be able to put them into the same glass washer. The actual consumer experience will be the unchanged, but the benefits to the general public will be far greater.”