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Eastman Cerfis™ technology

Eastman Cerfis™ technology provides unmatched surface and substrate solutions, enabling “no-paint” product launches in the moulding and trim market.


Eastman Cerfis™ technology

Durability Versatility Resistance Style
All Attributes

Eastman Cerfis™ technology

Primary Shaping

  • Wood Machining


  • Fatigue Medium
  • Fire Medium
  • Scratch High
  • Stain High
  • UV Medium
  • Water High

Secondary Shaping

  • Inorganic adhesive bonding
  • Nail
  • Organic Gluing
  • Paintable
  • Resin Gluing
  • Screw
  • Staple

Sensory & Aesthetic

  • Clarity Opaque
  • Colorability High
  • Reflectivity Low
  • Scent None
  • Tactile Smooth
  • Tonal Weak
  • Variegation None


The Material

Eastman Cerfis™ technology is a revolutionary coating system that provides unmatched surface and substrate solutions. Cerfis is the industry’s most precise, consistent, and customizable coating system available. Its unique qualities contribute to the development of products that are beautiful, functional, and cost effective. Cerfis technology can be used with multiple types of substrates and coatings, like trim and molding.

Finished Elegance™ no-paint moulding and trim from Woodgrain Millwork is a new product made with Eastman Cerfis™ technology. Unlike primed trim that feels rough and requires painting, Finished Elegance™ interior moulding and trim has a smooth silky feel, added durability, and is resistant to scratching, chipping, and moisture. When used with Finished Elegance™ caulk, it needs no priming or painting. The North America licensee is Woodgrain Millwork. 

KOTA™ "Paint No More" utilizes Eastman’s unique Cerfis Technology in it ground-breaking prefinished MDF molding product, removing the need to prime and paint during or after installation, saving time and money. KOTA™ can be pinned or glued into place using the simple 3-step KOTA™ CUT, FIX & FILL PROCESS.




  • - Wood Machining 


  • - Inorganic Adhesive Bonding
  • - Nail
  • - Organic Gluing
  • - Paintable
  • - Resin Gluing
  • - Screw
  • - Staple 


  • - Fatigue: Medium
  • - Fire: Medium
  • - Scratch: High
  • - Stain: High
  • - UV: Medium
  • - Water: High


  • - Clarity: Opaque
  • - Colorability: High
  • - Reflectivity: Low
  • - Scent: None
  • - Tactile: Smooth
  • - Tonal: Weak
  • - Variegation: None