Durable, Colorful, and Crystal-like Skull Barware

Durable, Colorful, and Crystal-like Skull Barware

The Diamond Cruncher made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester


A project that was fueled by brain adrenaline for a couple months, only took a few minutes to draw on paper. Designer Stéphane CHICHA, also owner and MD of Chic Conception, sources his inspiration from metaphysical books and imagination from great thinkers. When their client asked for a fancy and fashionable shot glass, “the diamond cruncher” skull design seemed the most androgynous with high heels crunching a diamond.

Made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, the shot glass was developed primarily for nightclubs, but also cafés, hotels and restaurants. Chicha chose Tritan because of its glass-like clarity, durability and that it’s BPA-free.

“Tritan has a better reminiscence than glass, which is close to crystal,” says Chicha. “No other material was considered.”

But he is all too familiar with the material. The company’s entire product line uses Tritan not only because of its desirable attributes, but also to stay aligned with French and European legislation on products used in contact with food.

The skull shot glasses have launched to the public in France and are available in 6 playful colors. The designer stays passionate about the use of Tritan, which pushes him more and more to design unique works of art.

So what’s next?

Salt and pepper shakers with skull cap-shaped capsule opener.

“We will leave taking nothing with us from the physical world; nevertheless our physiological form is bound to some eschatology’s.” This vision is what brought Chicha to these creations.