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KOR ONE Hydration Vessel

Glass-like appearance with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester


This year marks the fifth anniversary of the KOR ONE hydration vessel. It continues to engage and stay popular both in the US and internationally. The first KOR ONE prototype, designed back in 2007-08, was a clear bottle with metallic silver trim. Having not been brought to market, KOR has decided to bring it back.

“KOR ONE was out of production this past year to do some retooling, subtle design improvements for functionality and move production to our existing partner in China,” said Eric Barnes, KOR co-founder and CEO. “The move allowed us to improve a few features and consolidate all our vessel operations in one partner.” The re-launch of the new KOR ONE line has people waiting with bated breath, since the transition caused customers to bemoan the fact the bottles were out of stock.

KOR ONE bottles continue to use Eastman Tritan™ because it’s BPA-free and its superb clarity. The hydration vessels really leverage what the material does – allowing the bottle to have a glass-like look, along with the refraction it gets from light and water.

KOR Chrome was designed using a nickel plating which gives it a slight hint of yellow. “This makes it look more organic and warm than to pure chrome, similar to pure silver,” said Barnes. “We tried matte silver, but the high gloss of the chrome/nickel was more beautiful.” KOR Chrome delivers a little bit of luxury experience to the consumer drinking from a re-usable bottle at the home and office. “We think this ONE will become the ultimate hydration vessel for the individual who only wants the best.”

KOR plans to expand KOR ONE’s color line from 4 to 8 colors, chrome being one of them. “The trim will go from matte to gloss on all KOR ONE bottles,” said Barnes. “It gives it a little different look.” Colors black and lavender will also become available. In addition to the re-launch of KOR ONE, new hydration vessels are also set to be announced this spring.

“Our mission is to strategically use design as a motivator for good consumer practice and behavior,” said Barnes. With KOR ONE’s beauty in design, colors and iconic “halo” that frames the window which holds water, drinking water has never looked so good.

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