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Eastman Embrace™ copolyesters


The Eastman Embrace™ copolyester family inspires designers and brands to think differently about packaging. From Method Products Inc. to Brown-Forman Beverages to Bayer Garden, brands have realized the power of shrink films.

The challenge is always to grab consumer attention and stand out on the shelves. Embrace™ catches the eye, but its appeal goes beyond the superficial.

When Method launched their baby line in North America, they needed a durable, non-PVC option to fit smoothly around the egg-shape container they created. “We wanted something soft and gentle,” noted Sally Clarke of Method.

Similarly, Embrace™ was chosen by Bayer to not only engage consumers differently, but for its performance characteristics. Unlike the old-school pressure-sensitive labels they supersede, Embrace™ shrink films offer great performance when faced with long-term exposure to the garden spray’s natural habitat: the damp, musty shed.

Steve Mead of Bayer Garden commented, “Sales of the RTU’s took off once we started using Embrace™. I can’t stress how big an improvement it is over pressure-sensitive labels. It makes the bottles look better but also nicer to pick up and handle. Consumers staring at a busy gardenshelving unit tend to go for the impulse purchase: they buy whichever product leaps off the shelf”.

Most recently, Brown-Forman Beverages embraced shrink films to launch a limited edition package for its 70cl bottle of Southern Comfort liquor in the United Kingdom. The bottle features 360-degree graphics in vivid colors made possible by the high printability of the full sleeve label.

“We were delighted with the success of the limited edition bottle – the reaction generated by the sleeve was fantastic, with some of our customers selling out early.” -Jaime Butler, Southern Comfort Brand Manager, Brown-Forman Beverages Europe Ltd.

Where cost, intricacy, or durability requirements make the use of a dynamic container hard to manage; Embrace™ copolyesters for shrink film allow your bottle to POP off the shelf.

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