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Camelbak Reusable Bottle

Color, clarity, and BPA-free with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester


With its entry into the sports bottle market, CamelBak created a product that both wooed and wowed consumers. Emphasizing environmental sustainability, ease of use and a go-anywhere, do-anything durability, the CamelBak Better Bottle has moved from the active outdoor market into the mainstream with barely a ripple.

The original product used polycarbonate, but the Better Bottle got better when Camelbak decided to specify a BPA free material, and switched to Eastman’s Tritan™.

"As an innovator, we know if you address an opportunity when consumers first mention it, your solution will be delivered by the time you hear it a lot," says Mac Tillman, vice president of marketing and product management for CamelBak. "If you wait until you hear it all the time, it's too late and another company will have beaten you to market."

“We listen to consumers and consumers want a BPA (Bisphenol-A) free choice. We're using a material that's BPA free. So we're making it easier for the consumer to choose a re-useable bottle that meets all their needs."

CamelBak Better Bottles are known for their toughness, color, clarity and easy drinking experience. Changing materials typically means trade-offs. But Tritan™ provides the same toughness, clarity, and vibrant colors as polycarbonate while offering superior dishwasher durability.

"In the past, consumers had to give up strength, vibrant color and glass-like clarity if they wanted a BPA free bottle," says Tillman. "Now they don't have to compromise. They won't be able to see any difference in the containers. Tritan™ copolyester offers virtually the same clarity, color range and toughness as polycarbonate. The difference is inside the bottle – and in the minds of consumers. We just made life easier."

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