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Bullard FaceShield

Enhancing the face protection market with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester



From inventing the first “hard-boiled” hat for miners to innovating helmets for firefighters, the E. D. Bullard Company is known for its innovative safety and protective equipment for industrial and emergency response workers.


Enhanced protective features and integrated function are key elements in Bullard headgear designs, including integrated lighting in fire helmets, brow pads, and vents that improve worker comfort and effectiveness. Bullard was the first company in the face protection market to use Eastman Tritan™ copolyester in a faceshield.


“The new faceshield allows someone who requires protection from chemicals and gases to also have high impact protection,” explained Wells Bullard, Marketing Manager and great-great granddaughter of the founder, Edward D. Bullard. “Previously, if a worker was performing a grinding operation in zone A and needed to move to zone B, which required protection from chemicals, he would have to stop and switch visors.” Describing the adaptability of this new faceshield, Bullard noted that “[it] can be attached with existing headgear, hardhats or a bump cap and used for protection in the laboratory, in grinding applications, refining and other applications.”


“Tritan™ provides similar manufacturing properties to polycarbonate and the extrusion process is the same,” explained Bullard, noting Tritan’s™ principal advantages: “[it] compares favorably in material properties testing in toughness and chemical resistance. And with improved durability and clarity, the faceshield is more resistant to vision-impairing scratches and clouding.”


Introduced at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo 2010, the new faceshield is another example of Bullard’s high-quality innovative products that ensure end-user safety. “We’re constantly innovating with new materials and processes,” said Bullard, “including improving our previous models of existing products.” Bullard added, “as with all of our products, we’re proud that the faceshield is made in the USA – from Eastman Tritan™ to the extruding, manufacturing and marketing in our Kentucky headquarters.”