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Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Bringing BPA-free to the commercial market with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester


As an industry leader, Rubbermaid Commercial Products believed it was critical to provide the market with BPA-free alternatives in commercial applications. To achieve this, they chose Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

“Why is BPA-free not in the commercial market more?” asks chef Matt Accarino. “I’ve learned about BPA-free from the consumer market, where it’s become a standard.” “If there’s something like BPA-free plastic that has already made such an inroads in the consumer market, then I have to have a big question in my mind, why it’s not in the commercial products that I’m using. Arguably, there’s more food contact in a commercial setting, in terms of volume, than there is in a home setting.”

“We look for opportunities to break paradigms,” states Tim Dell, vice president of innovation, marketing, sales and pricing. “This industry…has learned to, not necessarily love, but live with a lot of trade-offs with using clear plastics in these applications.”

“We believe the industry will continue to move more towards BPA-free alternatives,” says Mark Jackmore, vice president of marketing for Rubbermaid. “There are many alternatives to BPA on the market, but not many that exhibit the durability characteristics of Tritan™. As customers understand what Tritan™ can do for them and the fact that it's BPA free, it'll start moving the market in that direction.”