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Eastman Cyphrex™

Developed for performance and flexibility, Eastman Cyphrex™ microfibers help manufacturers achieve desired functional properties in filtration media, high-strength specialty paper, roll good, and other wetland nonwovens.


Eastman Cyphrex™

Durability Sustainability Versatility Resistance
All Attributes

Eastman Cyphrex™

Secondary Shaping

  • Braiding
  • Non-woven
  • Sewing
  • Woven

Sensory & Aesthetic

  • Colorability High
  • Reflectivity None
  • Scent None
  • Tactile Soft
  • Tonal Dull or Absorbent
  • Variegation None


The Material

Eastman Cyphrex™ microfibers are a building block for fibers, a "way" of making microfibers. This technology is not connected to any particular polymer but rather provides an array of formulations and product design flexibility. Developed for performance, Cyphrex™ technology offers fiber cross-sections in round, flat, and wedge shapes. Less than 5 microns in diameter, Cyphrex microfibers deliver a high surface area-to-mass ratio and offer a narrow diameter distribution.   

Manufacturers, engineers, and chemists can fine-tune the size, shape, and material of Cyphrex™ microfibers, which offer functional and competitive advantages for nonwovens media in areas such as strength, uniformity, and targeted permeability. The fiber material can consist of different polymer types, including polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP) and nylon, and has consistent properties that enable unprecedented formulation and design flexibility. The technology is easy to process in existing wetlaid systems and is ideal for applications such as filtration, battery separators, specialty papers, and more.



  • - Braiding
  • - Non-woven
  • - Sweing
  • - Woven


  • - Colorability: High
  • - Reflectivity: None
  • - Scent: None
  • - Tactile: Soft
  • - Tonal: Dull or Absorbent
  • - Variegation: None

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